Services We Offer

Items we service are: -Residential properties, rental properties, Airbnb/Vrbo properties, & timeshare properties up to $5,000 -commercial properties up to $1,000

How can we help you?

Home Painting

Painting the exterior/interior is one of the best ways to improve the look of your home. We can help you choose colors and paint. 

(<$5,000 per job)

Drywall and Texture

Whether it has holes, cracks, water damage, a remodel, or a new build, we can help with the drywall work big or small.

(<$5,000 per job)

Framing and siding

I have experience with repairing & installing T&G, lap, B&B, and plywood sheet siding. I worked for a framing company where I helped build houses. Currently my license only covers work on nonstrutural/nonload bearing walls and structures.

(<$5,000 per job) 

Plumbing and Electrical

Wherever you require our plumbing expertise, we are equipped and prepared to deliver outstanding results.

We have experience installing and repairing low and high voltage electrical systems.  (I do not work inside breaker/meter boxes)

(<$1,000 per job)

animal trapping

I am happy to capture any small creatures that are trying to invade your space including: racoons, skunks, cats, bats, woodpeckers, etc.

Also remove wasps nests (I am allergic to bees).

(<$1,000 per job)

Snow Removal

Less than 8″ of snow is $100 for all of the surfaces at ground level on the front of the property: sidewalk, pathway to front/main door, & driveway. (decks & patios – possibly included)

More than 8″ is $45 per hour for all  sidewalk, pathway to front/main door, decks, patios, & driveway, etc.

We have tools to remove snow off of roof tops as well. For each level above ground level it is an additional $15 per hour.

(<$5,000 per job)

Yardwork and Landscaping

Do you need your yard cleaned up? Can we help install a pathway or build out some landscaping? We can mow your lawn. Let us help with the look and function of the outside of your property.


Appliance Repair, Install & Removal

We can help with those heavy appliances.

I am experienced in moving, repairing, & installing: microwaves, stoves, dishwashers, refridgerators, and deep freezers.

(<$5,000 per job)

Additional Tasks that we can help you with that may not be considered MRRA work:

Plumbing – cleaning out sink and tub drains, cleaning out sewer back ups, unclog toilets.

House Exterior – cleaning out gutters & downspouts, clean windows, clean up pet droppings, grill cleaning, hot tub maintenance.

House Interior – oven cleaning, fridge cleaning, cleaning out laundry vent, service water softener/filter systems, repair basic bed and furniture problems.

Other – Pressure washing

Contract Billing Information

Standards of Contract

  • We currently give free quotes; I ask that pictures be sent to me to help with my time & fuel management.
  • My hourly rate is $45 per hour as of January 2024.
  • I pay my employee $20 per hour for their time & currently looking for one additional employee.
  • My minimum billing is $90 for work if it takes less than two hours; in addition to the materials that I supply. (this does not apply to snow removal)
  • Snow removal is billed based on actual time worked only.
  • If labor is less than $1,000 in total price I only charge hourly; if the labor is generally greater than $2,000 I give an estimate for the said project. In between amounts I can do either method. 
  • I require 25% down payment if total job is greater then $2,000
  • If there is greater than $1,000 in materials required; I ask that you pay for the materials prior to me beginning any work. Then the remaining materials and labor cost accrued during the project need to be paid for after the completion of the work.
  • I only order materials online for delivery from Home Depot and HomCo stores. I am happy to purchase supplies from all other suppliers/retailers in town.
  • I will take loads to the landfill for $30 per load in addition to the per ton fee that the land fill charges (roughly $50 per ton).
  • I ask that I be compensated every two weeks if project/work is longer in duration or if balance due surpasses $2,000 in labor and materials.
  • I charge $0.30 per mile if working farther than 30 miles from the City of Flagstaff City Hall building. 
  • If I am depositing items to the Hazardous Waste Center, the customer covers the fees in addition to a $30 trip charge.
  • After work is complete please leave a Google review and/or comment at, AJ’s Handyman Service’s Google business profile. It is greatly appreciated!
  • I post my photos of my work on Instagram unless clients request otherwise.

Customer Complaints can be filed with the AZROC at: <>

Methods of Payments:

  • Paypal: @alexrussell1436
  • Venmo: @Alex-Russell-151
  • ChaseZelle: 9288140190
  • Alex J Russell OR 9288140190
  • Check: AJ’s Handyman Service
  • Cash (ONLY for less than $1,000 jobs and “Commercial: CHE-1 work”)
  • Working on getting card payment (looking for a blue tooth iPhone card tap/chip/slide for less than $20 per month…..?????) 
  • Mailing address can be given upon request
  • I am open to quid pro quo of services of equal-ish value

Business Standards:

  • I use DocuSign to complete quote contracts which requires a customer email
  • I use carbon copy paper for receipts
  • I will supply/request new tax forms annually if needed (ex.W9/5005……1099NEC)
  • I am happy to create text/email chain of invoices for tax purposes.
  • I can give all invoice receipts at end of each year upon request.
  • I maintain records for 3 years, if my licensing increases in scope this may change.
Social Media Platforms
  • Website:
  • Instagram App: russell_services_llc
  • Nextdoor App: Russell Services LLC dba AJ’s Handyman Services TN
  • Google Profile: AJ’s Handyman Services

Bible verse:

Galations 6:9
  • So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.


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